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Lembeh - Muck Diving

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

Arrival into Indonesia - Manado

Travel journal: Adel - Singapore - Manado - Lembeh all encompassed with overnight stays, layovers, taxi's, private transfers and a lot of unplanned experiences meeting different characters along the way.

Destination achieved - NAD Lembeh Dive Resort, Bitung-North Sulawesi (Indonesia). It is now time to meet up with our tour leader, Simon Lorenz (Insider Divers) and group of photography divers for the week.

Time to settle in, setup dive gear, camera gear and have orientation with (Sonja Geier) regarding safety operations with Resort, on boats and diving procedures.

Morning arrives, weather wonderful and greets us with a gorgeous sunrise. Woken with eager anticipation to commence diving, so breakfast is eaten with haste, hydrate, gear up and board the boat to head out for our first 2 dives (Aer Bajo 3 & Kareko Batu).

Dive Briefing, backroll and descend to experience Lembeh Straits (World Best Muck Diving), and it took less than 1 minute to impress me. Once levelled off, buoyancy correct, 'BANG', Frogfish on the black sands. Shortly after, 'BANG' Mimic Octopus (my 1st), then another - 2 in the one spot 'Happy Days'.

The diving and breadth of critters that Lembeh offered were astounding and breathtaking, I think that within the first day of 3 collective dives my 'To See' list was nearly achieved.

During the course of the trip Simon Lorenz offered and presented photography information seminars covering varied topics including, Camera Settings, Wide Angle, Manual, Macro and Lightroom techniques. These sessions became invaluable assets that dramatically improved my understanding, hence improved my level of photography.

NAD Lembeh Resort in all aspects was impeccable, the Rooms, Staff, Facilities, Dive Crew, Camera Room and Food quality and choices were exceptional. I could not recommend NAD any higher than to stay here for Divers, Photography nuts and alike.

So, in conclusion I would like to share some of my photo's that I feel you will enjoy, as did I enjoy taking, learning and experiencing.

In closing, 'Take Every Chance You Get In Life, Because Some Things Only Happen ONCE', & let my stories and experience give you inspiration to create your own Moments.

Another 'Rivetting Moment', to inspire & ignite the traveller in you, to broaden life challenges & experiences!!!

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