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Underwater Photography from Lembeh and Pulau Weh

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

July 2018 saw 'Rivetting Moments' venture to Indonesia for a mix of critter hunting (Muck Diving) and another trip aimed at improving underwater photography skills and knowledge.

First stop of the trip was to NAD Lembeh Resort, an amazing Resort specifically aimed at Photography Divers, but caters exceptionally well for all types of divers and non-divers. This resort is well run by the owners and their dedicated staff providing 5Star service in all aspects.

The new Photography Room I would claim to be the best and biggest worldwide, and they provide dedicated Guides on a 2:1 ratio, who are also well versed in photography skills and ID skills.

Here I also had the privilege of being part of a dedicated Photography aimed tour run by Simon Lorenz (Insider Divers) whom I have utilised on previous trips. His expertise and knowledge on Photography and Processing (LR & PS) is impressive and provides all divers (all levels) 1:1 support and advice.

Below I am proud and pleased to show off only some of the photo's not only of the amazing critters Lembeh has to offer, but also the quality and improvement in my knowledge and photography skills as a result of this tour.

You can see more examples of my photographs on my site, www.rivettingmoments.net (Gallery-Photography).

Next I travel to the opposite end of Indonesia to a small Island of the coast of Banda Aceh - Pulau Weh to experience Lumba Lumba Dive Resort. Although this resort is at the other end of the spectrum from NAD Lembeh, this Dive Resort caters for a different demographic.

The accomodation, dive shop and facilities are basic, but is not reflected in the passion of the owners, staff and dive guides. The dive sites are current driven, large walls and Gorgonian Fan Gardens as well as house reef and the amazing Hot Springs site.

The Garden Bungalows do not have A/C, bathroom toiletries or any meals on site, but are comfortable, clean and serviced well. The local businesses support the Resort by providing dining and breakfast options, along with choices at a local beach - 'Ibioh' which is well worth the travel to experience.

Above you can see some local photo's, along with a few dive sites showing off the amazing array of Moray Eels and Gorgonian Fan gardens. You can see more examples of my photographs on my site, www.rivettingmoments.net (Gallery-Photography).

After the Dive trip was concluded, it was time to experience Land Moments, e.g. some tourist time on main-land Banda Aceh. Please refer to main site, previous Blog - Banda Aceh.

In closing, 'Take Every Chance You Get In Life, Because Some Things Only Happen ONCE', & let my stories and experience give you inspiration to create your own Moments.

Another 'Rivetting Moment', to inspire & ignite the traveller in you, to broaden life challenges & experiences!!!

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