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Bali - Lembongan MMF Update

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

As swift as the Ocean's tidal movements, so to is time wading in & out here, as I enter my 4th week living in Indonesia experiencing a new & varied lifestyle away from Australia.

To re-cap the past few weeks;

* Orientation & Induction of sooo many programmes & data entry modules to absorb

* Copious names of people & places to remember

* Settling into a new and different lifestyle, language, food & culture

* Familiarity of land-marks, Dive Shops (Owners/Staff)

* Adjusting to Weather and Humidity

* Diving the Warm Waters of Indonesia (average 28dg C)

These are just the tip of the Iceberg, not to put a negative spin on the experience, but to understand the enormity of the learning and absorption of information, 'When all I want to do is Dive with Manta'.

So, it's time to hit the water (Shakedown Dive) with Rosie (Intern Co-ord) to Manta Bay & Sekolah Dasar dive sites. Today was not to be a Manta Day, more like a Turtle Day but even so 'A days diving is better than Not'.

Days seem to blend and disappear soo quickly, must be Island Time or I feel it's the 'Lack of Hustle&Bustle' time which relaxes the soul and free's the mind.

Time again to hit the office and brush up on my Data Entry, Manta Matcher & general duties to become more proficient and self managed.....getting there slowly but surely.

Socially, loving the lifestyle, people and culinary choices that are on offer.

* Nasi Goreng with egg $2.50

* Mie Goreng Ayam with chicken $2.75

* Banana Pancakes with Honey $2.00

So cheap, excellent quality & variety.

Sunset Beers at local Dive shop after day of Diving, washing gear and chillin' with friends and dive buddies, with Bintang of course, $2.50 (small).

Time again, whoopee, to hit the warm waters (28dg) of the surrounds of Nusa Penida, adjacent Island to Nusa Lembongan, this time to Manta Point & Crystal Bay.

'Eat, Sleep, Dive & Repeat' is the Mantra for the avid Scuba Diver, so who am I to ignore this calling, and time for a Fun Dive, to experience other dive sites away from the Manta Research dives. Today I got the opportunity to dive Toyapakeh & Pura Ped dive sites, revealing great walls of coral reef, sponges and life in its majesty.

Socially, the Island provides in abundance with Parties, Functions and Special Events keeping you entertained on land while the Gills dry out. And to say I have been spoilt with choice is an understatement.

To date I have had:

* Halloween Night (Lembongan's Got talent)

* 1990's Theme Disco Night

* DJ's music night

* Werewolves card nights

* Assorted farewell evenings

* and more.........

Along with this comes the sad moments where meeting new people, becoming friends, and then in an instance their time on the Island is up, and you have to say Farewell, on a regular cycle.....sad times!!

Time to hit the water again for another Research Dive to Manta Point & Crystal Bay, however in recent days there has been a large scale Algae Bloom in the waters, especially at Manta Point & Manta Bay.

Today was no exception, however the Green 'Pea Soup' like conditions had migrated down to Crystal Bay, and amazingly enough starting to clear at Manta Point. BONUS for me as I experienced no less than 8 Manta on the cleaning station, with 3 Manta Mama's (pregnant), and even 1 on our Safety Stop away from the traffic jamb, cleaning in a small drop off area.

Please enjoy my small video displaying the Pregnant Manta Mama as she cruises by me ever so Majestically.

In closing, 'Take Every Chance You Get In Life, Because Some Things Only Happen ONCE', & let my stories and experience give you inspiration to create your own Moments.

Another 'Rivetting Moment', to inspire & ignite the traveller in you, to broaden life challenges & experiences!!!

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