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Romblon Island @ Philippines

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

Romblon Island is the hub of the Romblon Province and home to the famous Bonbon Beach, and incredible Scuba Diving.

Bonbon Beach

However, there is an array of many other attractions just waiting to be discovered, as Romblon has arguably some of the best beaches of all the islands in the Romblon Province, which makes it a much more relaxing island.

However, it also had its fair share of waterfalls, island hopping, and epic viewpoints BUT don't of course overlook the incredible muck diving, blackwater and critters.....only endemic to Romblon.

Don’t be confused. Romblon is the province, which is made up of Romblon Island, Sibuyan Island, Carabao Island, Tablas Island and another 15 or so smaller land masses. So when you hear Romblon, people may be talking about the province but generally, people call it Romblon (AKA Marble Island).

So, the question you should be asking is; Where is Romblon, and How do I get there?

The Three P Holiday & Dive Resort have simplified this with a multitude of options, and can also Book all transfers for you, SIMPLE.

Travelling to Romblon, click here

You won't regret adding Romblon to your Scuba Diving 'To Do List'.

So, my trip begins from leaving Anilao (Batangas) after 1 week of diving at Anilao Photo Academy.

After a quick transfer to board my overnight Ferry to Romblon, I get picked up by my local transfer directly to The Three P Dive Resort.

After checking in and being shown my room, I settle in, unpack and commence to assemble by dive gear, camera gear and absorb the Resort. Link below.

The Three P Holiday & Dive Resort

So the itinerary for the next few days is to concentrate on Diving, and to see what I specifically came here to see, Melibe colemani (Ghost Nudibranch) along with many other critters I have been told are here.

  • Sashimi shrimp

  • Melibe engeli

  • Seahorse's

  • Butterfly nudibranch's & more.........

Ooooh wow, dive 1. First things first - take off the wetsuit as the water is 29-30dg, crystal blue with approx. 30mt + visibility, so bathers and rashie it is.

As we get to our first dive site, adjacent to a smaller island with pure white sandy beach, we moor the small bunker boat and gear up to back-roll into the blue.

Ascend straight down a sloping reef, no more than around 12-18mts - swim approx. 20mt following my dive guide who commences to gently search through the soft corals and growth. It was literally less than 30 seconds and he indicates for me to come over and points to the soft growth using his pointer stick.

I inquisitively look interested and with excitement look in the vicinity of where he is pointing, but I see nothing but soft coral growth. He continues to tell me to look, pointing and making hand signals (indicting Nudibranch). I continue to look, scan the area for what it felt forever, then miraculously I see the 'Holy Grail' a Melibe colemani which looked exactly the same as the soft growth.

Melibe colemani (Ghost Nudi)

I was sooo elated finally seeing the Nudibranch most divers covet, so I stayed there admiring and watching for as long as I dared - taking a copious amount of photo's trying to capture the best angle and image that showed off the true majesty of the creature and it's biological & physiological makeup.

It was only minutes later the guide indicated for me to swim over to him indicating he had more to show me. Eager as I was, I didn't really want to leave, however glad I did as I was to be shown both Melibe species in the one spot.

What!!!! you say, Yes I say, I was now being shown both species of the Melibe, Melibe colemani & Melibe engeli together, 'mind blowing' especially for a Nudibranch Lover.

In the picture below you can see the Melibe colemani in the top righthand section, however it is difficult to see the Melibe engeli, which is in the bottom lefthand side of the photo. I have explained to people that the Melibe engeli looks very similar to Spun Sugar.....

The further days of diving did not disappoint, as the critters and surprises kept on coming, and I will let the photo's below tell the story.

Again, this place just kept on giving with the warm waters, clarity of the blue/turquoise waters and abundance of critters.

Let's not forget about the Resort and what it has to offer - the comfort of the rooms, access to the water and dive boats, the diving facilities (wash tubs, drying racks etc).

The most impressive part of the resort is the Full Board package (Yes the Food) as the meals are prepared fresh daily by the on-site Chef, and the quality, portions and variety was nearly as good as the diving.....tongue in cheek.

But hey, the food is the BEST I've ever had at any Dive Resort......

Continuing on with critters, diving clear blue warm water and the luxury of idyllic surface intervals, Romblon just keeps impressing the heck out of me.

Below are some more images of the array of critters that can be found here in Romblon.

One final highlight I wish to share with you along with my 1st ever sighting of the Melibe colemani, was that given the Season we were fortunate enough to find many with a ribbon of eggs, a sight to see and photograph.

Finally I want to thank my Dive Buddy for the week, Jules. Soo glad we got to meet and spend time together on land, share meals, few beers and the diving together making the week a memorable one.

I hope that you take the opportunity to visit and dive Romblon, don't leave yourself wondering, the guys at 'The Three P' will spoil you in all aspects of your stay, food and diving.

In closing, 'Take Every Chance You Get In Life, Because Some Things Only Happen ONCE', & let my stories and experience give you inspiration to create your own Moments.

Another 'Rivetting Moment', to inspire & ignite the traveller in you, to broaden life challenges & experiences!!!

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